“The Infinite Sea” by Rick Yancey

16131484This sequel definitely wasn’t as good as “The 5th Wave,” but it was still decent. I think it was more about building the characters up and explaining the in-between with some extra action thrown in there compared to the first book.

Rick Yancey definitely overdid the whole “the infinite sea” thing. It was probably mentioned seven times in the book and something like that where it’s a weird phrase that people don’t use AND it’s the name of the book sticks in your mind.

One thing that really bothers me in this book. There’s no holding back when it comes to killing people off, but this one character has stared death in the face like three times and he/she is still not dead. I can understand why he/she is not dead because he/she is integral in the big thing that’s happening in the book, but really? If he/she is going to survive death, just do it once and be done with it.

I’ve already started the final book in the trilogy, “The Last Star,” and it’s good so far but not as exciting as I had hoped. But more on that later.

I’m also still reading “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir” and “Furiously Happy,” both by Jenny Lawson, but one of my co-workers just gave me the book “Buffering: Unshared Tales of a Life Fully Loaded” by Hannah Hart and I have a feeling that I will start it before these others are done. Maybe I can resist, but no promises.

For now,


“The 5th Wave” by Rick Yancey

512And8xM0LThis book is pretty decent as far as young adult dystopian novels go. I first read it a couple years ago before the movie version was released and I remember being in shock and awe over all the twists and turns in the plot. It definitely keeps you guessing right up until the end. Then it leaves you hanging. So clearly I have already started reading the second novel in the series, “The Infinite Sea,” which I have also read before. I’m really excited about getting to the third book, “The Last Star,” because that one had not been released when I was reading this series the first time, so it’s all new territory.

I actually think I did a library foul because I borrowed all three books at once in e-book and audiobook format. But you can’t blame me too much because I’m getting through them pretty quickly. Plus I couldn’t chance it if someone checked out the next book after the one I was currently reading, because then I would just have to sit and wait until they were done and that is no bueno.

I like the writing in this book a lot because it is in human speak and the dialogue actually sounds like kids speaking, instead of what some adult thinks kids would sound like if they had gone to a secret etiquette-based boarding school in their formative years. And there’s just enough annoying teen drama to make it realistic but not so much that you sigh and consider chucking the book out your bedroom window.

So basically the plot is this: Everything is fine and dandy in Ohio/the world until *dun dun duhhh* the Arrival. The Mothership shows up in the sky and then the “Others” start making insanely terribly things happen to eradicate all human life. These things come in waves, i.e. “The 5th Wave” is eminent at the start of this book. Not surprisingly at all, a bunch of teenagers/kids figure out what is going on and try to handle that mess. But of course, the book ends pretty much immediately after some big action so you really don’t have much information about the impact of their actions.

One thing that gets me in this book: There’s this analogy that keeps popping up about humans being the cockroaches of the world compared to the Others, which is fine. Cockroaches are gross, but still. But there’s this other analogy that keeps coming up where the main character is referred to as a mayfly by her male companion. Like ew. If you’re trying to be sweet or romantic, how about a butterfly or something less ew? Really, you’re comparing this girl to a gross bug that hovers around water or something. Way to get some brownie points. But for some reason that is completely mysterious to me, this chick completely digs it and is all about being referred to as a gross bug. Her prerogative, I guess.

Anywho, now I’m on to “The Infinite Sea” while also simultaneously reading Jenny Lawson’s first two books, “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir” and “Furiously Happy.”

Just call me a book reading fiend,

“The Infinite Sea” by Rick Yancey

16131484More twisty alien things happening. This one is the sequel to “The 5th Wave,” which I just finished a couple days ago. This one only took me three days to read, too, but it was a little shorter.

I am all for teen fiction but eventually I got to a point, which may have started in the last book, where I just thought, “Are these teenagers really tough enough to singlehandedly wage war against these alien invaders?” But it’s teen fiction, so anything is possible.

I’ve read both these books in about a week and a half so I am very ready for the third book, but it won’t be released until the end of May, which is five months away.

The main reason I am in need of the third and final book of this series is that there was a big twisty plot thing happening near the end and now I’m just like, “Why? What is happening? Rick Yancey, I need more info, stat.” Maybe I should write him some fan mail or something and just say, “Yo, so I read your books and I need some resolution here.” But I’m not really sure that would get me that far.

There’s not much really to say about the plot of this book because it’s just a continuation of the alien invasion arc with the same characters from “The 5th Wave” but, of course, need more.

Now I’m about to start those little Harry Potter books, which I should be finished with in a couple days, tops. Then to finish “Wicked” finally. Maybe. I also got that one on ebook from my public library to try and help but we’ll see if that works.

Bye bye for now,

“The 5th Wave” by Rick Yancey

16101128I started “Wicked” and I got almost halfway through before I got some early Christmas money and ran out to buy this book as soon as I possibly could. And yes, this purchased was fueled by the knowledge that some cinematic master is going to movie-tize this book. So I’m still working on “Wicked.”

But this book. This book kept me real hooked. I read it in literally three days. And I’ve already used the rest of that Christmas money to buy the sequel. Only problem after that is the series is a trilogy and the third one isn’t released until May 24, 2016, according to the interwebs. So the waiting game begins. Because you know I’ll have “The Infinite Sea” finished in about a week. That’s the sequel, by the way. BUT, the movie is set to be released at the end of January, so not too much waiting there, unless I decide it’s awful and I hate it, which I will probably feel until the second viewing.

One thing I’m interested to see when it comes to the movie is how the keep the suspense going that’s built up in the book. Several parts of the book center around the reader not knowing who the narrator is at a particular moment until it is artfully revealed. How are we going to keep up that facade when you can’t hide an actor’s face or voice? I guess we’ll see how it goes in January.

A complaint that I have about this book, although it could just be because I’m getting too old for YA fiction novels (*sobs* my life), is that it got to a point where I thought, “Really? The teenagers are the ones fighting the alien army?” And if you’ve seen the movie trailer or read the back cover of this book, that wasn’t a spoiler. Why can’t we have an adult book where the adult-like people take on the alien forces? Then again, there are probably many books like that, but I haven’t found them because you can only find me in the teen fiction section of Books-A-Million.

That reminds me, I’m getting the Harry Potter coloring book for Christmas and I AM SO EXCITED.

But anyway, I highly recommend this book. Super interesting, much twisty, good. Read it. I want to go ahead and start “The Infinite Sea” but it is past midnight and there is bad weather outside, so I should probably go for the sleepy sleepies instead. But there’s a kitty cat sleeping on my lap so how can I get up and disturb him by going sleepy sleepy? (Full disclosure, the cat’s only on my lap because he hates storms and he’s terrified, but I will take all the lovin’ I can get from this fluffy baby.)

So, next is “The Infinite Sea” with maybe a smattering of some “Wicked” thrown in there, and then I will finish “Wicked” (*fingers crossed*) and then continue my Harry Potter path some more with “Goblet of Fire.” I checked out “The 100” from the library to read over this break but I’m not sure I’m going to read it because it’s part of a trilogy, too, and I think I need to finish all my in progress readings before starting another series. Good news about that one though is that all three have already been released. (Side note: The cat just left me to sit in cat loaf formation at my feet instead. Should I feel offended?) Anyway, I also checked out the two short little Harry Potter companion books, “Quidditch Through the Ages” and “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” which I definitely picked up from the kid’s section in preparation for November of 2016 and if you don’t know why that month is relevant we are not friends.

I have been trying to finish the “Matched” trilogy but it is so hard. I got about halfway through the second book via audiobook before the thing expired and I just can’t make myself check it out again to finish it. I just got to a point where I was annoyed at all the characters and all their poor choices.

But anywho, the lights are aflashin’ now so I should get to asleepin’.

Merry Christmas Eve!