“God: A Human History” by Reza Aslan

9780553394726I didn’t realize it before now, but this book just came out about three weeks ago. I actually found out about it because one of my Facebook friends shared a video of Reza Aslan speaking about how in our minds, God is against certain things (such as being gay), but God doesn’t hate gay people, we hate gay people (in the general sense—I definitely don’t hate gay people) and we project those thoughts onto God. Then there’s was a plug for the book and I was interested, so I checked it out.

The book itself was pretty much a history of religion and how different gods were viewed throughout different civilizations. Spoiler alert: gods are the way they are because we are the way we are. Basically, whatever features you have yourself, you will project those onto your god.

I must admit, at times I did feel like I was zoning out because it felt like I was in my freshman required history class a little. But I’ve also never heard religion taught like this before, which made me think about things in a different way.

The book is not terribly long, but it is a little heavy. A little more than halfway through I just put it down and picked up something bouncy and fun (more on that later) because I needed to change it up.

While Aslan clarifies that he is a Christian in the introduction, the book doesn’t feel biased at all. On the contrary, there are several different viewpoints and philosophies that are addressed. Only in the conclusion does he again state his own opinions and beliefs.

It was a very interesting read and a different side of religion than you get to see in church every week.

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