“A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Grim Grotto” by Lemony Snicket

The_Grim_Grotto.pngI’ve been a little stuck on this book for a while. It’s not that it wasn’t interesting or that I didn’t want to read it, it’s just that I want to read so many other books at the same time and despite his quest to ensure that each book in this series has precisely 13 chapters, Mr. Snicket has gotten a little long-winded in his writing.

Anywho, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny have escaped the Stricken Stream (book 10 stuff) and have found themselves aboard the Queequeg, which is a submarine captained by Captain Widdershins and his crew of two (his step-daughter Fiona and Phil, from the Lucky Smells Lumbermill).

They all set off to find the elusive sugar bowl, and we still don’t understand its importance. Along the way, there are poems and cooking and poisonous fungi. Eventually something bad happens because why not and Count Olaf shows up again, with hardly an explanation as to how he got his hands on his own submarine.

There’s some betrayal, another seemingly lost character shows up, then the Baudelaires (spoiler alert) escape again.

This is the first time I’ve actually been annoyed at any of the Baudelaires, but Klaus is starting to become a real know-it-all. He has always explained what *big words* meant when other people didn’t understand them, but in this book it seems like he’s just talking to hear the sound of his own voice. I understand using him as an educational tool to explain to kid readers what these vocabulary words mean, but I don’t really think he needs to explain what it means when Sunny says that she has cooked “pest lo mein.” Obviously she made lo mein with pesto sauce. You don’t need to explain the country of origin of the food, Klaus, just eat it! Also I am judging his poor taste in women… girl? I guess he’s only 12 or 13.

Only two more books left in the series, which I will probably start soon. In addition to all the other books I’m reading, I mean.

I’m sure we will meet again soon,


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