“The Heir” by Kiera Cass

the-heir_612x925Y’all I literally just finished “The Heir” and I already spoiled the next book, “The Crown,” for myself. Don’t ruin things by trying to find info on the wikis when you haven’t finished the series. Lesson learned. But really probably not because I am a sucker for the wikis.

Anyway, this book is set maybe 18 years after “The One” when America and Maxon’s daughter is tasked with her own Selection, the first of its kind because she happens to be the first female heir to the throne in the history of this young formerly-U.S. country.

So 35 men are invited to the palace and Eadlyn is bound and determined not to let any of them get past the 90-foot metaphorical wall that she has barricaded herself in with. The Selection starts off pretty fast, with Eadlyn knocking a third of the competition out, but then it slows down. I actually started slacking off reading around that point because it seemed like the book was in a kind of lull. It picked back up again about halfway in, when some members of the Selection started getting feisty.

Eventually we find out that there is some political muck happening outside the palace walls and basically that Eadlyn is a spoiled little princess who can’t even relate when other people have lived their entire existences with different experiences than she has. Throughout the whole book, this girl is portrayed as bratty and distant with all of her potential suitors. She doesn’t even really become likable until the end and then it’s like her actions confuse even her. But at least that is something to look forward to in the next book.

The next one is “The Crown” and I’m assuming the Selection will wrap up. And there were a few plot twists at the end that I’m eager to see come to fruition.

In the beginning of “The Heir,” it seems pretty predictable who Eadlyn will end up with, but by the end there are several reasons that you really have no idea and it could be any of the boys or someone different entirely. I ruined the surprise for myself by looking at who I wanted it to be on the wiki page and seeing Eadlyn listed as family. Ugh, never going to get that back. That’s definitely the worst part about only getting to read a book the first time once.

Anyway, the weirdest part of this book is how clingy Eadlyn is to her twin brother Ahren. (I’m assuming it’s pronounced like Aaron? She also has a brother named Osten and I think that’s like Austin.) Like telling him she loves him with no provocation and rushing into his arms when she’s had a bad day and even suggesting that he break up with his girlfriend (the future queen of France) so that he can stay with her instead of move to France and be the future prince consort (because no one can have a higher title than the queen). She clingy. In a creepy way.

About to start “The Crown,”


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