“Homecoming” by Kass Morgan

511cjuyxbtlJeez, Louise, it took a lot to get through this book. I was really interested in the series because “The 100” was suspenseful and intriguing but this book had so many faults that I was just rolling my eyes by the end.

Let me list these misdeeds for you:

So, two of the characters find out they’re actually half-siblings. This is fine and adds some interesting detail, if it weren’t for the fact that becoming siblings has basically turned two people who loathed each other into best buddies for life. Like dialogue along the lines of “I don’t want to do it, but I will for my brother/sister.” NO. Finding out you had a brother/sister after 19 years would not establish a lock-tight bond between two virtual strangers. Things don’t play like that. And this book was HARPING on the siblings thing. Way overkill.

There are basically weird love triangles where people who used to be dating are now besties and feel no emotion when the ex is hooking up with someone else. And then they each bring in their new relationship guy/girl and make a big ole group.

These teenagers are pros at burying the lead. Like you would think that if a bunch of space ships came raining down with people who used to live on your space colony thing, your first question would be “Hey, why are you here?” but that’s not even a conversation that these people have! They basically never even mention that they all had to leave their home under terrifying conditions because of something one of the dumb teenagers did.

You remember that thing I told you in “Day 21” about the traitor that no one was concerned about. They should have been concerned, clearly. And then the characters actually seem surprised at the fact that they should have been concerned. Duh!

SO MUCH CHEESE. Unbearable cheesiness. Mostly to blame for the eye rolling.

All that to say I will probably not be able to bring myself to read the fourth book in the series.

Off to watch Gilmore Girls,


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