“The 100” by Kass Morgan

the_100_book_coverThis book was super good at keeping you guessing. There were plot twists literally all the way up until the very end. And it seemed like there were a million questions and only a handful really got answered by the end of the book. Even the ones that were answered made me feel excited to find out the answer because you never knew when it was going to come thanks to the suspense.

Plus, this book has a super awesome but also horrifying plot. Basically Earth has been destroyed and 300 years later the ancestors of the humans who escaped are living on this massive ship in space. Eventually they want to return to Earth, so what better way to find out if it’s inhabitable than to send 100 teenage criminals down to test it out? Right?

So that’s what happens, and the 100 are on Earth. The whole thing is a struggle because they don’t know how to feed themselves well and only one girl has medical training and it’s a big ole mess for them. On the ship they were broken up into three different sections, Phoenix, Walden, and Arcadia, and Phoenix was the higher class of the three. All these kids came down still carrying this status symbol with them and that causes problems too.

The story is actually told through 4 different people’s points of view and at first I thought that would be overwhelming but I eventually got to where I enjoyed it because you get to see into the thoughts of so many different characters.

The whole book only covered about 3 weeks, which is amazing because so many things took place in that time. But a lot of bad things happen to these teenagers, that’s for sure.

One thing I noticed in particular is that there is death everywhere. Like it takes more than 2 hands to count all the deaths that were mentioned in just this book. And no one seems to be bothered by the fact that something they do could cause someone else to die. One character in particular, Wells, pretty much destroys everything he touches and I can’t even appreciate him as the Chancellor’s son for that.

I was pretty pumped when I started reading this book and I realized that it now has a TV show based off of it, but it’s not on Hulu where I can watch it at my leisure. So instead I went to IMDb and started reading through the episode summaries. Everything was wrong. They added all these characters and took some of them completely away and then started killing off people who shouldn’t be dead and it was just horrible to read about but I am also still interested in the show and that makes me feel just a teensy bit guilty. But anyway… I already started on the second book in this series, “Day 21,” and I know there are at least two more after this one to look forward to.

Later, gator,


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