“The One” by Kiera Cass

306c8e7996271d90929125ae01e8b7f3The Selection has concluded and they all lived happily ever after! Yayyyyy!

This book is the third in the Selection series, and there are two more that are kind of spin-offs that I’ve never read, so I’m excited to get to those next.

Prince Maxon has finally decided who he wants to marry and it’s glorious because both he and his bride have finally gotten over their pride enough to tell the other how they feel. And yet America still finds a way to mess things up. But leave it up to the deadly Southern rebels to make everything right.

Of the three books in the series so far, this one has the most action and I feel like it’s the most serious. Like, people die. And yet the characters still don’t express their feelings well. For example, parents are lost and these characters barely shed a tear. I don’t understand. My grandpa passed away a couple weeks ago and I sobbed at his funeral, so I could not imagine being younger than I am now and losing a parent and acting the way these characters did. So that made me feel like there was a bit of a disconnect and I could no longer relate to them. And of course America does not explain things well AT ALL so she nearly ruined her life because she couldn’t do words.

But enough about that. I’ve read this book before by checking it out at the library, but this time the ones I read were ones that I had purchased in a box set from Barnes & Noble and it included a bonus epilogue. I actually feel like it should be a second epilogue, because the epilogue in the book details the wedding day, and the bonus epilogue is from two years later when the prince finds out he will be a father. I think this part sets up the next couple books nicely, because those two are told from the point of view of his child.

I’m about to start the last two novellas written by Kiera Cass, and then I will get to the ones about the child, but I’m really excited because I’ve hit the point where I have only read everything up to this part and everything will be fresh and new and there’s nothing like reading a book for the first time.



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