“The Elite” by Kiera Cass

PrintHappy blogiversary! I started this blog exactly three years ago, and SUPER IRONICALLY, this book was my very first post. The mild OCD in me is bothered because the first post was from the second book in a series, but we are three years past that and it is not so bothersome when I think about other things that are more bothersome.

Anyway, this book is the second book in the Selection series. The Selection is basically a competition where 35 girls are fighting to marry the prince/become princess. But the whole thing is up to Prince Maxon, so there’s not much they can do anyway. The main character in this series is named America Singer and in “The Selection,” the story follows her as the competition starts and girls started getting sent home. The pace of that book was much quicker than this one. At the end of “The Selection,” only 6 girls remained in the competition, and they are referred to as The Elite. Hence this book title, “The Elite.” In this book, only 2 girls were eliminated and it wasn’t even because the prince made a decision or anything. Basically they just got themselves kicked out or asked to leave.

I really liked “The Selection” but this book just didn’t have the same qualities that made it so interesting and pulled me in. One thing in particular that really annoyed me was how America acted toward the prince. In the last book, she was dealing with her ex-boyfriend from home, and she was trying to distance herself from him. She met the prince, didn’t like him, they became friends, then she started developing feelings for him. In this book, it felt like she was making poor life choices and I could never identify with her emotions or figure out what in the world she was doing. She like the prince, she didn’t like the prince, she was mad at the prince, she liked the prince but she didn’t want to be princess, and the whole time she was jealous because the prince was still dating the other girls. And neither one of them would tell the other what they were feeling, which was infuriating. There was eventually a confrontation, then they were back to being in love with each other. All the while the prince is still involved with at least two other girls and America is making out with her ex in the palace behind everyone’s backs.

There’s a lot going on. Anyway, the book just kind of ended, like there wasn’t anything else that should happen and Kiera Cass just decided to stop writing. At least in “The Selection” there was a big event that wrapped everything up and left you wanting more. I guess it could be argued that there was an event in this book, but it wasn’t any kind of big to-do.

But I know there’s more to the story and I am pretty much past that rough spot, so I’m going to continue on. I already started reading “The Guard,” which is another of Kiera Cass’s novellas, told from the point of the view of America’s ex, Aspen, who is conveniently drafted into the army and placed in the palace, where he can torture America throughout her stay. More on that later.

Here’s to many more,


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