“The Prince” by Kiera Cass

the-cover-of-the-prince-the-selection-series-32914585-314-475In the time between now and my last post I read this novella. It is technically “A Selection Novella,” but you catch my drift.

The one I found was actually the extended version of the original novella, and it was about 128 pages. I think. Ebook.

“The Prince” is set from Prince Maxon’s point of view, and it starts a few days before The Selection begins. In the series, everything is told from America’s eyes, so this parallels that and shows what’s going on in the prince’s mind.

It helps to dive into this character a little more and really find out what he’s going through outside of his time with America, but I wish it lasted longer. The novella ends, even the extended version, only a few days after the Selection begins. There is so much that happens afterward that I would like to see from Maxon’s view, but I guess there is no such luck.

Still, it is nice to get a little more involved in this series with these short books. Kiera Cass released a novella between every book in the series and I’m amazed at the world that she created in these books. Definitely glad I got back into this series.

I promise no more books for tonight,


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