“Yes Please” by Amy Poehler

amy-poehler-yes-please-book-cover.jpgUgh, I love Amy Poehler so much. I love Parks and Rec and I saw Baby Mama several times and I watched Sisters in theaters when it came out. She is just great.

This book is her memoir and it is obviously hilarious. I listened to it as an audiobook because I’ve been driving to and fro a lot lately and it was a good, easy listen. She had several celebrities, including Seth Meyers, and her parents contribute to the recording, and the last chapter was read live at the theatre where she performed improv when she was younger.

I’ve been wanting to read/listen to this one since it came out and I finally checked it out from the cool library app that gives me digital copies of books but also makes me feel like I am betraying actual books so idk.

Anyway, this book covers Amy’s beginnings in comedy and how hard she worked to make it to where she is now. She had a whole chapter focused on Parks and Rec, which was wonderful. She also had information about her personal life, like her now-ex-husband Will Arnett and her two sons, Archie and Abel. There were lots of SNL stories. She’s just wonderful and chill and I love her and her book.

In other news, it has obviously been a while since I finished a book and part of that is because I watch Netflix more than I read and part of that is because I still have five other in-progress books. I don’t want to jinx those so that is all I will say about that. And now, I am exhausted so I go night night.

Night night,


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