“The Infinite Sea” by Rick Yancey

16131484More twisty alien things happening. This one is the sequel to “The 5th Wave,” which I just finished a couple days ago. This one only took me three days to read, too, but it was a little shorter.

I am all for teen fiction but eventually I got to a point, which may have started in the last book, where I just thought, “Are these teenagers really tough enough to singlehandedly wage war against these alien invaders?” But it’s teen fiction, so anything is possible.

I’ve read both these books in about a week and a half so I am very ready for the third book, but it won’t be released until the end of May, which is five months away.

The main reason I am in need of the third and final book of this series is that there was a big twisty plot thing happening near the end and now I’m just like, “Why? What is happening? Rick Yancey, I need more info, stat.” Maybe I should write him some fan mail or something and just say, “Yo, so I read your books and I need some resolution here.” But I’m not really sure that would get me that far.

There’s not much really to say about the plot of this book because it’s just a continuation of the alien invasion arc with the same characters from “The 5th Wave” but, of course, need more.

Now I’m about to start those little Harry Potter books, which I should be finished with in a couple days, tops. Then to finish “Wicked” finally. Maybe. I also got that one on ebook from my public library to try and help but we’ll see if that works.

Bye bye for now,


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