“Reboot” by Amy Tintera

Reboot-final-HC-cover2Success! It only took somewhere in the vicinity of 12 weeks but I finally finished this book!

Seriously, not my favorite book AT ALL but I made it halfway through and then I was just too stubborn to put it away without finishing it. So I kept working on it as an e-book, and it finally worked.

So, this book. The writing didn’t seem the most mature and the love interest action was just not very well developed. Basically she didn’t really acknowledge him at all and then a metaphorical switch was flipped and they were making out. Could have been better.

Apparently there’s a sequel, but I really can’t bring myself to even start that one. I think it’s called “Rebel,” but I just started reading the Harry Potter series again instead. In fact, I’m already less than a hundred pages out from finishing “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.” J.K. Rowling is author bae.

Back to “Reboot.” The idea was really cool. Basically these kids get sick with a virus in run-down, poor future Texas, and either they die and stay dead or they die and come back as a Reboot, which means they’re stronger, more attractive (of course), have fewer human emotions, and can’t actually be killed unless they have a traumatic injury to the head. Which is why they wear helmets all the time. Did I mention that they heal, extremely quickly, from every other injury? And depending on your *number* (determined by how many minutes you stayed dead before you Rebooted) you’re more Reboot-like or more human-like. The longer, the less human. So girl main character, Wren, is 178, which is mega-high, and boy main character, Callum, is just a 22 so he’s nearly all human still, just with the indestructible part. I guess it’s a little confusing to explain, but interesting to read.

I think this book would have been better if there was a more advanced storyline, better writing, and less unexplained characters totally changing personalities. Looking at you, Wren.

Anyway, back to Harry Potter now.

Peace out and happy summer,


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