“Hush, Hush” by Becca Fitzpatrick

HushHushCoverThis is definitely my favorite series ever. The book is almost 400 pages but I fly through it every time because it just flows so well.

I’ve read “Hush, Hush” three or four times already and I will continue to reread because it’s so fantastic.

In this one, Nora, main chick, leads a rather uninteresting life. Until she meets Patch, that is. Who of COURSE is a fallen angel. Forget books about dystopian society. I want more angels!

Anyway, there’s some complicated but explained really well details about the relationship between humans and angels and everything and obviously there’s some romance between Nora and Patch. I have a theory that pretty much all females who read this book want a Patch of their own. He’s dangerous and extremely hot. What more could a girl want? Btw, “Patch” is just a nickname. But you don’t know that for a book or two more.

I’ve started to realize that my preferred genre is changing. I’m still a YA fiction lover, but I used to only read pretty much what could be described as bubble gum fiction, where girl likes boy, girl and boy realize they like each other, girl and boy date, the end. Now I’m all about that supernatural action and that suspense, yo.

Of course, sometimes I still want a little bubble gum to pass the time, but the suspense is where it’s at.

I did yet another bad thing and went to the public library and checked out five more books. My library is an enabler to my book addiction.

So now I have less than three weeks to finish those books and I also really want to finish the “Hush, Hush” series now. I own all those, though, so they might get pushed down the list. Even though I totally don’t want them to and I want to read them right this very minute.

Do I read the books that I want to read and have a deadline or do I read the books I REALLY want to read and I own?

Excuse me, I’ve got some difficult life choices to make,


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