“On Pointe” by Lorie Ann Grover

643334Fun fact: I used to take dance classes when I was younger. Literally 12 years in dance classes. But I was never a super awesome dancer or anything. I just did them once a week for fun.

I enjoyed it though, and now that I’m older I wish I would’ve kept doing it. At the time I was in marching band and it was just too much to do when I was 14 and couldn’t drive myself to everything.

Anyway, I found this book at my local library and decided to give it a go and it was pretty good.

It’s one of those books that’s written in poem form and I can’t remember what that’s called. The first book I read like that was “Crank” by Ellen Hopkins. I should really read those books again because I remember them being phenomenal.

“On Pointe” is about Clare, who is a ballet dancer training at a conservatory with a dream to dance in City Ballet. She is a wonderful dancer but her teacher tells her she is too tall to dance professionally and she has to learn to deal with life without dance. Her grandpa, who she is living with, has a stroke and is confined to a wheelchair with one half of his body paralyzed. Clare and her parents move in with him and there’s some conflict over the whole dance thing but eventually Clare realizes how much she loves dance and joins the adult class at the conservatory.

The only thing about this book is just that after I finished I was just kind of like, “Ok, what’s next?” I really like books that leave me in a state of not being able to even think about another book because I am so emotionally exhausted by what I just read. But it was still good.

Moving on,


“The Selection Stories: The Prince & The Guard” by Kiera Cass

ImageThis is actually two kind of mini books put together in one book. Originally they were released as two separate e-books, but now they’ve been printed in this one book with lots of extra goodies in the back, like family trees and an interview with the author.

I started reading this one right after I finished “The One,” which is the final book in “The Selection” trilogy. At the time, I could not get enough and I needed more more more. But then I started and it was good, but not really as good as “The One” and it got put to the side.

These mini books pretty much follow the same story as in the beginning of “The Selection,” but they do so from the perspective of the prince of the country, Maxon, who’s tasked with finding a wife (a.k.a. the One) out of a group of 35 young women who were brought to the palace (this whole thing is the Selection) and a guard, Aspen, who was the main character’s (America) secret lover before she was chosen to be a part of the Selection.

It was interesting to see these different events from the side of these two other characters, but it’s been so long since I read “The Selection” that I felt like I was missing something. I guess I could always read it again, but there are entirely too many books to read for that and not enough time.

In other book news, I did not finish “Ender’s Game” before the due date came up at the library and I honestly probably won’t check it out again. I saw the movie on TV and I was a little confused at some points but that’s basically how I felt during the entirety of my reading that book so…

Yeah, it’s late and I’mma go to sleep so I can wake up in a few hours and read something.

Good night,