The Fault in Our Stars Movie

I will admit, I had quite high expectations.

This movie exceeded them.

It was the most well done movie I have seen in a long time. I could possibly be a little biased because of how much I love this book but this movie was just fantastic. I laughed, I cried, I felt.

I feel like they didn’t concentrate too much on any one part of it, feelings-wise. They gave you everything, all at once. Even so, I never felt overwhelmed. I think everything meshed so well that you got just what you needed when you needed it.

The cinematography was great; the editing was awesome; the sound was amazing. Just everything. The script, the acting. Everything felt so real and like there was no acting at all. It was a nice feeling, even with a story such as this one that takes your heart out of your chest and rips it into tiny little pieces before tossing them out into the Augustus Waters.

Usually, when I see a movie adaptation of a book for the first time I just spend the whole movie comparing what’s on the screen to what I read on the pages of the book. This one had some little differences but it was just such a good movie I didn’t even care. I just wanted it to last forever.

When I left the theater I was literally speechless. When I went into it I was imagining that when I left I would be texting everyone I know in all-caps about how fantastic it was and how much I love it, but instead I didn’t say anything to anyone because I was still trying to get my feet under me after this movie blew me away.

I plan on seeing it again already. I plan on purchasing the DVD the day it comes out. I plan on purchasing the soundtrack. I plan on re-reading the book.

I highly recommend it.


“The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green

ImageThis book. It is my favorite and I was totally expecting to cry again but I managed to keep it together and get through with just an everlasting lump in my throat.

I own this book but the copy I have just happens to be a signed copy that I just happened to discover on the shelves on Target on a random afternoon, so I obviously had to be super careful with it and I was totally scared to take it anywhere within seven feet of my shelf and I didn’t even open it all the way to read it just so I could keep it in pristine condition. So the reading took several nights.

This book is my favorite because John Green is an amazing writer and he is the only writer I’ve read who actually ventures to write about cancer and make it seem understandable. I’m not trying to say I understand cancer at all, but I feel like after reading this book I understand more what a fictional character with cancer feels. And it just makes me feel, period. I like my books to make me feel.

I actually already bought a ticket to go see the movie in a couple days and I’m kind of looking forward to seeing this book played out on the big screen and I’m planning on taking tissues because I expect to cry. Cathartic release and all that.

After this book I feel much differently than I did earlier, after I finished “The One,” but I kind of like that my readings are diverse. Keeps things interesting.

In honor of the movie this week, you must view the extended trailer.

Not gonna lie, the trailer made me tear up. I’m going to lose it in the theater, I’m calling it now.

Now that I’ve stayed up reading until 1 a.m. I should probably go to sleep.

If it’s the only thing you ever do, read this book.

Good night,

“The One” by Kiera Cass

ImageStill trying to control the muscles in my face, they’re smiling so much. Of course, happy ending. That’s why I read these things you know.

I read this article on BuzzFeed about the struggles of being addicted to YA books as an adult and I’m telling you, describes muh lyfe.

This was a less than two day read for me. I got it from my library after requesting it. It’s pretty newly released and I had to wait in line and now there are other people behind me so I had a shortened time for reading it but it didn’t even matter because I couldn’t put it down.

I was Internetting just now seeing if they’re planning on making a movie of this thing because it just seems like the type of young adult trilogy that would get a movie deal (and of course the final book in the trilogy would be a two-part movie, we all know, for “creative reasons” or whatever). Apparently the first book in this series, “The Selection,” already has a TV movie. Actually, I think it has two TV movies. According to IMDb, there was one in 2012 and another in 2013. Same plot line, different casts. But now that I know these exists I feel as though my life will not be complete until I see both these TV movies, no matter the quality. Although they did have pretty high ratings, so who knows, could be my new faves. Plural. Because there are two of them. 

As far as the book goes, I feel like, as an adult addicted to young adult novels, it is much easier for me now, as I grow older, to see how, trying to put this nicely, not mature the characters are yet. I mean, I guess I shouldn’t expect them to be, they are like 17 years old, tops. Not that I’m that much older, but I definitely recognize how I am not like that anymore.

So basically during the whole book I was just thinking, “Geez, America, just tell him you love him!” But America was so prideful that she wouldn’t do it because the dude had too much potential to hurt her, even though he totally loved her back and just neither one would say anything.

But like I said, happy ending, so I’m happy. My name is Maegan and I approve of this trilogy.

I’m still reading “The Fault in Our Stars” and I bought my advance ticket for this Thursday to see the movie and I am SO. EXCITED.

I’m also in the midst of “Ender’s Game.” I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I’m about 50 pages in but there are so many questions I have.

I also checked out this little book by Kiera Cass with these short stories that go along with “The Selection” trilogy so I’m probably about to start that and use it as an excuse to not go to sleep at a decent hour.

Like I could sleep anyway, I’m still so excited from this happy ending!

I can’t type any longer, I’ve got to go read some more,