“The Mortal Instruments: City of Glass” by Cassandra Clare **SPOILER ALERT**


It only took nine months and downloading the audiobook but I finished this book!

I started this series (this is book 3) over the summer (as in last summer) and I borrowed this particular one from my roommate in August (as in 2013). I got about halfway through and then I just couldn’t get into it anymore. And I am way too stubborn to just let it go.

So I started reading a few pages at a time and realized I had gone so long with not reading it that I had no idea what was going on.

So I tried harder. And by that I mean downloaded that audiobook. I finished the last 250 pages in two days. It was glorious. And the book actually started getting really good near the end. It only took 350-something pages to get there.





ALSO, I saw the “City of Bones” movie when it came out several months ago and THAT THING RUINED THE NEXT TWO BOOKS. They were all “Let’s tell Clary and Jace they’re bro and sis even though they’re really not,” when they don’t actually find out until like the last chapter of book three. WHAT IS THAT?

So I guess the real spoiler was the movie, which was not actually as good as I had hoped.

After so long this series started getting really complicated and it was hard to remember the details of what had already happened and apparently everything that happens in the first three books only took about a month, which is insane, with the amount of crazy adventures these kids have.

I’m really tired,


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