“The Kill Order” by James Dashner

ImageOk, these books started getting kind of freaky. There are all these crazy people and crazy people do weird things. Not really looking forward to the movie depiction of that.

“The Maze Runner” was one of the summer reading lists for my high school (not that I am in high school, I just know these things) and after reading the whole trilogy and this prequel it kind of surprises me that my alma mater would tell the students to read this book. My school is super conservative-ish and my guess is that the higher-ups didn’t even read the thing. I’m sure they didn’t read the entire series.

Anyway, I listened to half this book on audiobook because I discovered this app called Overdrive that connects to my local library and allows you to download audiobooks and ebooks fo’ free.

I’ve never really been one for audiobooks but this has been really convenient in helping me finish the thing because I just listen as I clean or run (cause I’m trying to do that now) or brush my teeth or whatevs.

When I first started reading this one it was hard to get into because it features an entirely different cast of characters and it’s set 13 years prior to the Maze Trials.

However, when everyone started catching the disease and going crazy things got interesting.

This one pretty much focuses on how the disease spread when it wasn’t supposed to and the people who decided to spread it (who are holed up in Alaska) and this one little immune girl.

The prologue and the epilogue mention Teresa and Thomas and then just Thomas, respectively, which I think is a nice way to tie this book to the others, since it doesn’t really have anything to do with the Maze Trials and no one even says anything about WICKED and I was really hoping to find out how in the heck WICKED is good.

Last night I already started reading another book, “The Fault in Our Stars,” which is my favorite book ever, in preparation for the movie that comes out in a few weeks. I also downloaded the audiobook for that book I’ve been *reading* since August so maybe that will actually come to completion soon. Maybe.

Now I have to go find a better way to focus on LSAT stuff when I just really want to read some more.



One thought on ““The Kill Order” by James Dashner

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