“The Scorch Trials” and “The Death Cure” by James Dashner

ImageImageSince Saturday I have been at my grandparents’ house. Since Saturday I have also finished both of these books.

Every time I go there I just get super productive. Aside from finishing the two books, I also finished a scrapbook and a half and studied conditional logical statements in an LSAT prep book.

You know what’s annoying? Hiccups.

Guess what I now have.

Anyway, I guess the productivity comes from the lack of cell service and Internet. So I just sit there and read or do crafty things while I watch movies with my grandparents.

It’s great, y’all, and I’m not even being sarcastic.

About these books. I read them so fast, within a week or so, that everything kind of ran together, so I remember what happened, but not necessarily in which book or how long ago it was supposed to happen. Hence the one post for the two books.

These books were really good and suspenseful but occasionally I had a hard time remembering who was on which side. Several times I found myself trying to remember if a character was acting or if they truly believed what they were saying. The books closely follow only one character, Thomas, so it was impossible to see into other characters’ thoughts or know where they went when they weren’t with the main character.

That’s one thing I wondered about, but I just like to know all sides of a thing.

There were still a lot of questions I had about the events leading up to where the books picked up, but I suppose most of those will be answered when I read the prequel, which is next in the queue.

I suspect my rate of reading will increase now that school is done for the semester and I’m not taking any summer classes, but I did get a summer job so everything depends. And LSAT to think about.

All this reading has been making me think about how I want to publish a book one day. The only problem is, every time I start writing a fictional piece of literature I get a little ways in and realize my writing is going nowhere. I don’t ever take chances because I think I subconsciously think that if I write something I’ll have to show it to someone one day and that’s like showing them a doorway into a most inner part and there’s a chance they won’t like it.

Maybe one day I’ll just do it. Guess we’ll see.

At least my hiccups are gone,


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