“Insurgent” by Veronica Roth

71IGT31I9aLI said I was almost done. I’m done.

This one was really good too. (Did you expect any different?) If you didn’t read the first book in the series, “Divergent,” you would be completely lost, so don’t read them out of order. Then again, don’t read any books out of order ever. It does not follow the proper laws of the universe.

In this book there was a ton of action, which makes me super excited for the movie version whenever it comes out. More guns and dying, lots of blood.

One thing I did notice in this book was that there was a large amount of running through wrecked streets and destroyed houses with lots of broken glass everywhere barefoot. Like you don’t notice the pain of sprinting with sharp objects protruding from your feet? And for real, with the way this place is described there have got to be some rusty nails lying around.

Anyway, I reserved the third book in the series, “Allegiant,” from my home public library and it conveniently was returned when I went home for the weekend, so I got it then. Too bad I already know I’m not going to return it on time. Sorry, whoever has it reserved next…

So I’m going to try to start that book tomorrow. My goal originally was to have all three books read before I go see the Divergent movie on Friday, but I don’t think that’s going to happen unless I give up all sleep until then, and that’s definitely not happening. So I guess I’ll just watch the movie and then finish the book.

When I was at the library reserving it the guy working there told me something big happens near the end of “Allegiant” so OF COURSE my mind and body are conflicting terribly right now. (Mind: “Something happens, I have to know!” Body: “Oh my dear gracious, the bed is right there, why are you not letting me sleep?”)

Speaking of, tired means mushy brain.

Nighty night,


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