Spring Break May Not Be For Reading…

So I brought four books to read over spring break during my time at the beach.

I think I’ve read maybe 20 pages in the first one. I have all the time to have no time, so those 7 books I checked out from the library are definitely not happening.


But in other news, I visited Universal Studios for the first time and I was living it up in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. And yes, I said “Harry Potter” with a British accent in my mind.

Harry Potter is books. Close enough.

I’ve got beachy things to do.

Peace out,


“Insurgent” by Veronica Roth

71IGT31I9aLI said I was almost done. I’m done.

This one was really good too. (Did you expect any different?) If you didn’t read the first book in the series, “Divergent,” you would be completely lost, so don’t read them out of order. Then again, don’t read any books out of order ever. It does not follow the proper laws of the universe.

In this book there was a ton of action, which makes me super excited for the movie version whenever it comes out. More guns and dying, lots of blood.

One thing I did notice in this book was that there was a large amount of running through wrecked streets and destroyed houses with lots of broken glass everywhere barefoot. Like you don’t notice the pain of sprinting with sharp objects protruding from your feet? And for real, with the way this place is described there have got to be some rusty nails lying around.

Anyway, I reserved the third book in the series, “Allegiant,” from my home public library and it conveniently was returned when I went home for the weekend, so I got it then. Too bad I already know I’m not going to return it on time. Sorry, whoever has it reserved next…

So I’m going to try to start that book tomorrow. My goal originally was to have all three books read before I go see the Divergent movie on Friday, but I don’t think that’s going to happen unless I give up all sleep until then, and that’s definitely not happening. So I guess I’ll just watch the movie and then finish the book.

When I was at the library reserving it the guy working there told me something big happens near the end of “Allegiant” so OF COURSE my mind and body are conflicting terribly right now. (Mind: “Something happens, I have to know!” Body: “Oh my dear gracious, the bed is right there, why are you not letting me sleep?”)

Speaking of, tired means mushy brain.

Nighty night,

Books Are a Girl’s Best Friend(s)

So today I had one class and that class was fine, except for being extremely long and my experiencing hunger pains the whole time. At about the time when we had 15 minutes left in this nearly 3 hour class, our teacher gives us this big assignment that is due in 4 weeks. That might not be so bad, but we are already working on 3 other big assignments that are due before then and this new assignment has some serious restrictions.

I left class, completely panicking and stressing out and I had no idea what to do. So I called my momma, because I’m not too proud to admit that my 20-year-old self needs to cry to my momma sometimes. She listened to my whining for a while and then when I was done she suggested I go get some ice cream or something to make myself feel better.

I realized that I didn’t want to eat my feelings (even though I love me some ice cream) so I decided to go to the public library instead because being around books makes me feel calm.

I perused the library for a while and ended up checking out 7 books. These are all added to the queue behind “Insurgent,” which I’m almost done with (new post to come soon, woot woo!), and “Allegiant,” which I checked out of the public library at my real home away from school.

So I guess it’s a good thing spring break is next week and I have three weeks before all these books are due because I’m going to be pretty busy with reading until then.

Here’s to going overboard by utilizing your public library!

And hey, that library has a 20 book limit, so I could’ve done a lot worse. Or better, depending on how you look at it.

I’ve got things to read,

“Divergent” by Veronica Roth


I bought this book because all my friends have been talking about it and the movie version is coming out in two weeks.

Obviously, I did not buy the book with the movie cover. Who in their right mind…

But the book I did buy exposes me for someone who just jumped on the Veronica Roth bandwagon because it has this lovely built in label on the front that says something about it being a major motion picture in theaters March 2014. So everyone will know that I did not buy the book… until the movie was a thing. Dishonor on me, dishonor on my cow, dishonor on my whole family.

Sorry, I watched Mulan today.

But anyway, I stayed up late and sacrificed some precious hours of sleep to read this book and I liked it a lot. So much so that I have already bought the second book in the series, “Insurgent,” and I’m on chapter 3.

Even though I’m still in the middle of “City of Glass” by Cassandra Clare. I’m too stubborn to just give that borrowed book I’ve had for seven months back to my roommate but it’s starting to look like that thing is a lost cause, y’all. All it does it sit on my dresser and mock me, with its bookmark sticking out from right in the center and never seeming to move forward, no matter how many times I pick it up and read a few pages even though it has been so long that I read the first two books in that series that I have no idea what is going on anymore. Talk about run-on sentences. My journalism teachers would be anti-proud.

But “Divergent.” Yes. Dystopian, set in Chicago but in a future Chicago where everything is wrecked and all the people are divided into factions based on an “aptitude test” they take when they’re 16. Basically they put these kids in a simulation that tests their reactions to different situations and tell them which faction they should be in. You can go Abnegation (“Let’s all be selfless and wear grey clothes all the time”), Amity (“Let’s all be nice to each other and happy all the time”), Candor (“Let’s all tell the truth always and I can totally tell when you’re lying”), Dauntless (“Let’s all be brave and fearless and frequently jump on and off moving trains”), or Erudite (“Let’s all study and gain all the knowledge ever”)

Unless you’re… *dramatic pause*… Divergent. Then the evil people just want to take you out of the equation completely because you have the potential to screw up everything, so…

Good book. Can’t wait for the movie, even though I saw the final trailer and I think there will be differences, which I always hate. But I guess everyone makes mistakes. I’m looking at you, Hollywood.

One thing about this book though is that more people died than I thought would. I know it’s not the path that young adult novel writers usually take, but I kind of like that she killed off a few notable characters along the way. I mean, I don’t like that people died, but usually in books you know the main characters and you know that mysteriously no harm is going to come to them, so I like the change.

The big news here is that even with my crazy class schedule and a big psychology exam I finished another book! SUCCESS! And I’m determined to finish this trilogy (and hopefully finish “City of Glass” so my roommate can have her book back) before the end of this semester.

But you know how that goes, so we shall see.

Read on,