Snow Days Are For Reading… Right?

So on Tuesday it started snowing.

This is Alabama, it doesn’t snow here. It was way worse than anyone expected it to be, and pretty much the whole state shut down.

Anyway, classes were cancelled starting at 11:00 am on Tuesday. Then they got cancelled on Wednesday. Then Thursday. And I have no classes on Fridays so it was just a very relaxing week for me.

You would think that with all that free time I would take some hours and read that book I’ve been working on since August. But it took me until Wednesday night to remember that books were even a thing and then, turns out I left the book at my home-home. As in the one two hours from my apartment. So I couldn’t read that book, I took all my spare books home over Christmas break, and I couldn’t drive to the public library because the roads were icy.

There was so much potential for reading but all I did on this whole super extra long weekend thing was catch up on my TV shows (BTW, only 8 more episodes until How I Met Your Mother is over forever and I’m sad) and ignore the fact that I have a test on Tuesday.



Here’s some Alabama snow!



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