“The Elite” by Kiera Cass

PrintThis book is actually a sequel to a book called “The Selection.” Basically dystopian America is ruled by a monarchy and Prince Maxon tries to find his future wife in a group of 35 girls who have been selected to become a part of this competition to win his heart.

Did I mention the castes? All the people in the… country? region? kingdom? of what used to be the United States, now called Illéa, are born into a certain caste. The protagonist, America Singer, is a Five, meaning she and her family are artists. Spoiler alert, America SINGER is musically inclined.

Anyway, there are eight social groups in this new society. Ones are royalty, Eights are beggars. Everyone else is somewhere in between.

I read “The Selection” over the summer, but “The Elite” had yet to be acquired by my trusty public library. The books are actually part of a trilogy, with the third book, “The One,” set to be released on May 6.

So I went to my trusty public library on Friday and found “The Elite” on the new books wall. Even though it was published in April of 2013. But I’ll let that go.

Since January 20 is Martin Luther King Day, we had no classes. Since January 20 is also my grandma’s birthday, I went to Tennessee to visit her this weekend. I took “The Elite” with me, even though I’m currently in the middle of another book, “City of Glass,” which is part of the Mortal Instruments series. I’ve been struggling to finish that thing since August, but that’s a whole other story.

Basically, I sat down around 7:30 pm to read a few chapters of this book and finally put it down when I finished the thing at 1 am. It was just an easy read.

But it made me think about the last time I’ve actually read an entire book in one sitting. I’m sure it’s been years, which saddens me. In high school, it was common  for me to read half a dozen books per month, and more than that during the summer when I didn’t have to worry about school or homework or marching band practice.

Now college stresses me out and takes all my free time. So I am going to attempt to change that. I will finish that book I’ve been reading for five months and I will increase my biblio-intake. This blog will be my accountability. I like to think of this as a kind of project, so away I go! Besides, it’s after midnight and the nightlife is calling. And by that, I mean sleep.

Books and stuff,


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